Social Housing Provider of the Year Award

This award recognises social housing providers who have demonstrated exceptional performance and commitment to their tenants and community.

Judges will consider the following key areas, though not all need to be fulfilled:

  1. Tenant Satisfaction:
    • Providers should demonstrate high tenant satisfaction levels, with evidence from surveys or testimonials.
    • Judges will look for responsiveness to tenant needs and effective resolution of issues.
  2. Quality of Housing:
    • A demonstration of the quality and standard of the housing provided such as compliance with safety standards and provision of comfortable living conditions.
  3. Community Impact:
    • Judges will consider the provider’s role in enhancing the local community.
    • Contributions that add social value and foster community spirit will be recognized.
  4. Innovation:
    • Innovation in housing solutions and services.  Judges will look for creative approaches to challenges and forward-thinking strategies.

Overall Excellence:

  • The overall criteria are broad, allowing judges to consider any remarkable achievements or contributions that set a provider apart.
  • Excellence across any of the above areas could be sufficient for recognition.

The winner will be a beacon of excellence, showcasing the best in social housing provision and setting a standard for others in the sector.