Adam Lawrence

Co-Founder/Owner - Multiple Investment Companies

Adam’s corporate career was in Wealth Management for boutique investment firms in Switzerland, and also included a role as a cross-business consultant for one of the UK’s top 10 lenders. He was also the Dean’s Scholar at Warwick Business School in the MBA class of 2013.

Adam’s property career started in earnest in 2011 and since then he has been involved in over 650 UK properties, from flats purchased for £23k to portfolios of 91 properties at a time, and everything in between. The goal has been to buy at good value, add value, and then refinance and hold on – there has been some development, and sale, along the way but 90% has been to retain.

Adam has shares in a number of trading business interests focused around property support services and is privileged to work with people who he considers to be amongst the top lettings agents in the country.

Within his group built around a joint-venture model, the balance sheet is approaching £50m in assets, with a loan-to-value under 60%. The central tenets are risk management and sustainable growth in a sector which is crying out for reform, efficiency, and ethical business people.