Ashley Waitt

Founder & Architect at Co-Arch

From a family background of property development Ashley Waitt practically grew up on development sites. Studying architecture at Portsmouth University, the University for the Creative Arts and the Architectural Association, he is the Founder of Co-Arch, an architectural practice focused on collaboration and people. Co-Arch, based in Brindley Place, Birmingham, Margate, Kent and Newquay, Cornwall, currently has over 100 live projects. The practice specialises in residential and commercial architecture and is currently exploring incorporating sustainable design principles within future projects. He is also the Co-Founder of AIIB-3D a progressive and forward-thinking computer visualisation company. Other accolades include being twice international architecture competition finalists, developing an apartment scheme in Kent and working at the World Architecture Festivals. His passion for design, construction and architecture radiates through innovative design solutions and philosophies.