Raj Chohan

Director at Golden Key Financial Services

    Raj Chohan, a candidate on BBC’s The Apprentice, is the Director at Golden Key Financial Services and the winner of the Best Mortgage Broker of 2023 at the Midland Property & Investment Awards. With a sharp acumen for finance and a passion for helping clients achieve their property dreams, Raj has established himself as a leading figure in the mortgage brokerage industry.

    At Golden Key Financial Services, Raj’s expertise and dedication have driven the company to new heights, earning accolades for exceptional service and innovative financial solutions. Her recent recognition as the Best Mortgage Broker underscores her commitment to excellence and her deep understanding of the market.

    Raj’s journey on The Apprentice showcases her entrepreneurial spirit and determination, further cementing her reputation as a dynamic and influential professional. Outside of her career, she is actively involved in community initiatives, reflecting her dedication to making a positive impact both professionally and personally.