Saj Hussain

Property Entrepreneur

    Saj Hussain is a renowned property entrepreneur known as The Property Joint Venture Expert. Since 2007, he has built a multi-million-pound property portfolio by leveraging his skills and experience to identify lucrative investment opportunities and partner with cash-rich investors for mutually beneficial returns. Specialising in flipping, HMOs, and developments, Saj founded a specialist HMO Lettings and Management agency in Birmingham in 2013, managing over 500 rooms for landlords.

    Passionate about sharing his knowledge, Saj frequently speaks at events across the UK, teaching others how to create wealth through property and grow their businesses using Other People’s Money. He is a strong advocate for collaborative joint ventures and supports both new and seasoned investors through his Inner Circle Start-Up, Speed Up & Scale-Up Programmes.

    Saj’s monthly property networking event in Birmingham attracts around 100 attendees, offering valuable insights and connections for anyone interested in property investing.